Datacentre Colocation Facility

Victoria's High-Availability Datacentre Colocation Facility

CUBE’s state-of-the-art facility in Victoria, British Columbia allows organizations to house their IT environments in a secure, state-of-the-art, high-uptime (99.9%) data centre. At our facility, your servers are contained in a fully-segregated data centre with strict access, environment controls, and uninterruptible power and communication systems with multiple redundant failovers. You can have peace of mind that your servers are secure, powered, connected and accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our services include:

  • A wide range of rack space options, from a single U up to segregated, caged areas housing multiple racks
  • Minimum 99.9% network uptime environment
  • Facility wide UPS
  • Diesel back-up power
  • Multiple-carrier network connections
  • 24/7 client access to data centre
  • Highly efficient and eco-friendly HVAC system for data centre cooling
  • Waterless clean-agent fire suppression system
  • Onsite tape vaulting and secure server back-up available

Our customers include web commerce companies that require secure server space and seamless 24/7 connectivity, businesses and agencies that need off-site server back-up and a solid business continuity strategy, and telecommunications companies that need the redundant failovers necessary to always be operational.

Secure, Disaster Resistant Facility

Our facility is a designated post-disaster centre for the Greater Victoria region, and is designed to remain fully functional during any kind of catastrophe. Built of concrete and steel and situated on a foundation of igneous rock 22km deep, the facility was built to be unaffected from natural disasters ranging from hurricanes to a 9.5 magnitude earthquake.

Outfitted with specialized fire suppression technology, UPS and back-up generators, and robust communications systems, our facility provides the perfect spot to place your servers. No matter what happens, we’re always up and running, meaning you will be too.

  • Designated as a complete post-disaster recovery facility
  • Designed to withstand hurricane force winds
  • Designed to withstand a 9.5 magnitude earthquake
  • Elevation – 35 metres above sea level – is beyond the reach of any tsunami
  • Solid concrete and steel (I-Beam) construction situated on solid igneous rock
  • Backup Diesel Generators and UPS for continuous power
Connectivity Options

Choose the network solution that is right for you. CUBE’s datacentre is carrier neutral, which means that you can work with any ISP you want. Perfect for when you have an existing contract that you can’t afford to terminate as you move centres. Our vendor diversity also offers clients the ability to develop robust contingency planning.

For clients who don’t require their own dedicated pipe, we offer an in-house network giving customers with smaller needs affordable access to high performance without the need to negotiate long contracts. Our shared network comes complete with fully redundant capacity from a separate provider.

Roof top space is also available for those organizations that require their connection options to include radio and satellite solutions.

Advanced Security

Advanced security systems and protocols ensure your IT assets are safe. Hundreds of sensors are monitored 24/7 to continually verify the security of the facility. Movement within the facility is controlled by biometric readers and proximity cards and monitored by an extensive video monitoring system.

  • Advanced camera surveillance system constantly observing the building inside and out
  • Vibration, motion, and glass break sensors continually verifying the security of the facility
  • Access via secure proximity cards and biometric readers
  • Obligatory, full police background checks performed for all staff
Physical Workspace

As a perfect compliment to its datacentre services CUBE provides physical workspace allowing IT companies to have dedicated workspace for daily operations or disaster recovery efforts. Our options range from shared workspace to private offices. Clients also have access to washrooms, kitchen facilities and meeting rooms.

Cloud Services

CUBE also offers a variety of cloud services from its high availability datacentre. All services are delivered exclusively from Canadian based services.

Online Backup

Looking for an easy, inexpensive solution for backing up your critical data? CUBE provides solutions that automatically back-up your business systems so that you don’t have to worry about them. We offer a variety of solutions from single machine protection for small businesses, to complex IT environment protection for larger entities. All backed-up data is stored exclusively in Canada on our own high-availability datacentre. Options available for both CDP (Continuous Data Protection) or scheduled back-ups. Starting as low as $9.95 per month.

Digital Archiving

Digital archiving keeps electronic information organized, secure and accessible for decades and even centuries. However, digital archiving can be a complex and expensive proposition for organizations to do themselves as it involves maintaining hardware and software compatibility indefinitely. Our digital archiving service looks after these details so you don’t have to. have quick access to your archived files whenever you need them. Our service is ideal for any business or organization that has a legal or professional obligation to archive information and data for the long-term and needs to implement a secure and organized digital records archival retention strategy. All archived data resides only on our Canadian servers.

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