Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

About Cube and Our Disaster Recovery Services

Fires, floods, earthquakes, and data loss. It takes years to build a business and seconds for a disaster to destroy one. Rely on CUBE’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services to protect your organization from a world of threats. Whether you require a way to secure your critical business data, or emergency workspace to resume operations without interruptions, CUBE has a wide range of solutions able to meet both your business resiliency needs and your budget.

Delivered from one of western Canada’s most secure and resilient business continuity centres right here in the Greater Victoria area, our services will help ensure that your business perseveres whether the disaster is a hard drive/server failure, a fire, a hurricane, a flood or an earthquake.

Our services include:

  • Recovery Workspace
  • Physical Datacentre Space
  • Physical and Cloud Back-up
  • Emergency Supply Storage
Ultra-Resilient Recovery Facility

At the heart of CUBE’s Business Continuity operations is a purpose-built disaster recovery facility designed to withstand anything nature or humankind can throw at it and keep functioning at full capacity.

Built of steel and concrete, situated on elevated solid bedrock inland and away from any tsunamis, and equipped with a vast array of security features, redundancies, and failover infrastructure, our disaster recovery centre was specifically constructed to successfully weather Vancouver Island’s impending 9.5 magnitude “Big One” without skipping a beat.

Our completely self-sufficient post-disaster facility provides:

  • Designated recovery area workspace for your staff
  • Facility wide uninterrupted power supply
  • Onsite diesel back-up generators
  • Multiple-carrier connectivity - satellite communications ready
  • Secure datacentre colocation for servers
  • Storage for emergency supplies (food, water, first-aid, etc.)
Flexible Workspace Options

Having a place for your staff to quickly resume operations when your primary place of business becomes unavailable, provides the foundation for a successful recovery. With dedicated “Workspace Area Recovery (WAR)” at CUBE, you know that your key personnel will have a secure place to work at implementing your disaster recovery plan even in the case of a large regional disaster. From dedicated desks in a shared co-working environment to private offices and meeting rooms, we have a variety of options to meet your budget and specific organizational needs whether you need to seat a single person or a whole team.

CUBE’s Business Continuity Facility offers:

  • Private Offices and Shared Co-Working Space Options
  • Meeting / Conference Rooms
  • Washrooms /Showers
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • On-site Datacentre
  • 24/7 Access
  • Onsite Secure Storage
Onsite High-Availability Datacentre

The CUBE Disaster Recovery Centre includes an integrated, high-availability datacentre providing the perfect infrastructure for ensuring critical servers and computing resources remain available at all times. With a facility wide UPS and diesel generator backup, clients can be confident that their systems are always powered up. A diverse-path, multi-vendor fiber backbone safeguards against interruptions in connectivity and available satellite connections guarantee uptime under virtually any circumstances. We offer a variety of cabinet options from a single server to multiple racks allowing you to chose the solution that meets your needs.

Backup Tape and Drive Service

Need a copy of your data kept off-site ready for recovery 24/7? CUBE’s dedicated fleet of vehicles provides daily pickup and delivery of tapes, drives and other storage media. Choose a schedule, or combination of schedules that works best for your organization. All media is stored under stringent environmental conditions, in a specialized vault at our disaster recovery facility ready to be recalled instantly (day or night) whenever disaster strikes.

Online Backup

Looking for an easy, inexpensive solution for backing up your critical data? CUBE provides solutions that automatically back-up your business systems so that you don’t have to worry about them. We offer a variety of solutions from single machine protection for small businesses, to complex IT environment protection for larger entities. All backed-up data is stored exclusively in Canada at our disaster recovery facility. Options available for both CDP (Continuous Data Protection) or scheduled back-ups. Starting as low as $9.95 per month.

Technology Escrow Services

Does your organization rely on third party software to support critical business function? CUBE provides escrow services to allow you access software source code should that 3rd party cease to exist so that you can continue to maintain systems essential to your ongoing operations.

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