File Storage, Record Scanning, and Document Shredding

About CUBE's Storage, Scanning, Shredding Services

CUBE Global Storage offers the ultimate solution for secure management of your organization’s records and documents. CUBE offers a secure, cost-effective records storage and management service that encompasses the full lifecycle of documents of all sorts, including records indexing and retrieval at the box, file or document level.

Secure Offsite Storage

Keep your records safe, secure, and readily accessible in our disaster-proof, high security facility for as little as 55 cents per month. Learn More...

Document Scanning

Convert your hard copy records into fully searchable, instantly accessible, electronic documents with our convenient scanning services. Learn More...

Shredding Services

Safely dispose of the records you no longer require with our confidential shredding services. CUBE has been providing record storage services to Vancouver Island for 35 years. Learn More...

Practice closing
Practice Closing Service

Retiring or closing a business? Let CUBE look after all aspects of your document’s life cycle so that you don’t have to. Learn More...

Student record archiving
Student Record Archiving

CUBE is an approved vendor for archiving student records. Learn More...

Offsite Secure Record Storage

If you need to free up office space, decrease business liability, reduce staff hours spent on document management, and meet required document retention periods, we can help. Any business or organization that keeps records and needs to implement a secure records retention strategy can benefit from our services:

  • Secure document protection from fire, theft and unauthorized access
  • State-of-the-art facility safe from flooding, hurricane winds and earthquakes
  • Fast retrievals – Choose from same-day, rush (2 Hr), or Emergency (24/7) service
  • Strict environmental controls
  • Advanced security systems
  • Highly trained records storage specialists
  • Confidential records storage practices
  • FIPPA, PIPA and PIPEDA compliant

Ultra-Secure Disaster Resistant Building: Your records are stored in an ultra-secure facility like no other in Victoria, British Columbia, safeguarded from theft, fire, and natural disasters. Our purpose-built facility has been designed to withstand everything from hurricane force winds to a 9.5 magnitude earthquake and continue operating at full capacity. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art fire suppression system, advanced 24/hr. security, ridged environmental controls for temperature and humidity. It is even equipped with generator backup power to keep your documents safe and secure at all times.

Expert Staff: At the heart of our operations is CUBE’s knowledgeable staff. All CUBE personnel are well trained in information security. We follow strict policies and procedures, which ensure confidentiality and eliminate unauthorized access.

Quick Access to Your Documents When You Need Them: We understand that being able to access your documents quickly is important. So, if you ever need a file, one of our dedicated delivery vehicles will deliver it to your door within as little as 2 hours in the Greater Victoria Area. We can return an entire box or pull specific folders or documents. We can also scan your documents and deliver them electronically via fax, email or through our secure, online, document transfer service. And for those rare occasions when you need a document late at night, on a weekend or even a holiday - we can accommodate that too.

Dedicated, In-House Courier Fleet: Our fleet of vans provide pick-up service directly from your place of business. Our courteous drivers, fully trained in all aspects of information security procedures, will safely transport your documents to our facility in vans specially outfitted for the task.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help. Our trained secure information specialists can survey your active and inactive documents and records, and help organize your classification system, retention periods, retrieval procedures, archival strategies, and destruction schedule. We even have boxes if you need them. Give us a call or send us an email to find out more.

Document Scanning

Let CUBE convert your hard-copy records into fully searchable, instantly accessible, electronic documents. Save time and effort by being able to search for and retrieve your organization’s information at any time and from anywhere instantly.

No Project too Big or too Small: Whether you have just a few documents to convert or many thousands, CUBE's scanning experts are able to manage your project affordably, quickly, and securely.

Ability to Digitize any Size or Format Document: CUBE has the equipment and expertise to digitize any hardcopy original from standard documents to large maps, plans, and blueprints.

Expert Advice: The thought of undertaking a digitization project can seem very daunting to many organizations. CUBE’s scanning team can give you the help you need so that you can make the most of your scanning project. We can assist you developing strategies for organizing the information, choosing naming conventions and including the right metadata for the files so that the information can be found quickly when you need it. We will help you select the best resolution and file format for your needs so that you capture the information you need while keeping file sizes manageable.

Project Management from Beginning to End: We can help you minimize the costs and maximize the value of your project. Our scanning team will handle the logistics of your scanning project from beginning to end. We will even pick up the documents from your offices at the start of the project and deliver the converted files at the end.

Ongoing Access to Your Files Throughout the Process: We make sure you have quick access to all your information throughout the scanning process. If you end up needing some of the files that we have already picked-up, we can get them to you in just a few short hours.

Backup Storage of Your Digitized Documents: We can help you ensure you always have a copy of your data by keeping a back-up copy of your converted documents in our high-security vault. Stored off-line, your data is safe from theft or hacking and can be returned to you in a few short hours should you ever need it.

Managing your Hardcopies: Once your documents have been digitized, CUBE can store your originals at our secure records management centre, destroy them according to industry best standards, or return them to your care.

To further explore the possibilities of document conversion, contact us and ask to talk to one of our scanning specialists.


The security concerns around confidential documents and the ever-present threat of data theft means secure document destruction is critical for any business or organization these days. CUBE’s secure shredding service is ideal for customers who have concerns about data security, want to reduce their business liability, and/or have a professional or legal obligation to destroy documents and media that have reached the end of their lifecycle. Whether you have a single box of documents or thousands, CUBE can look after your shredding needs.

CUBE offers scheduled and call-for-pickup service throughout the Greater Victoria Area. CUBE ensures Documents and media are picked up at your location and transported in one of our vehicles to our ultra-secure facility, where they are destroyed following the strictest of industry standards – compliant with all regulations.

  • Fast, secure pick-up
  • Confidential handling of all documents and media
  • Locked containers to collect individual documents for regularly scheduled document destruction
  • Comprehensive information policy that guarantees documents and media are permanently destroyed
  • Official certificate of destruction is provided for auditing purposes

Reduce your risk of data breaches. Contact us to discover how easy it is to start protecting yourself or your business.

Practice Closing Service

CUBE offers a service specifically designed for doctors, dentists and other professionals who are in the process of closing their practices. We will help you organize your records, pick them up and transport them to our document storage facility where we will take care of them, including all retrieval requests, and finally securely destroy them at the appropriate time for and affordable one-time fee. Unlike some other service providers, CUBE charges only a very modest fee to the patients ($20 plus courier costs) to retrieve the records. Get in touch with one of our practice closing specialists to find out more.

PTIB Approved Student Record Archiving

CUBE is approved by the Private Training Institute Branch (PTIB) of the BC Ministry of Advanced Education for storing student records. CUBE offers an easy, affordable solution for meeting your archiving obligations. A low, one-time, fee covers the document storage for the full 25-year retention requirement. Our solution makes PTIB archiving compliance simple. Contact us today to get started.

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