Gold, Silver, & Valuable Assets Vault Storage

About Our Vault Storage Services

CUBE's state-of-the-art facility offers high-security, vault storage for all types of valuable assets, including investment metals such as gold and silver bullion, coins and precious stones.

This service is ideal for investors who want the peace of mind knowing their physical assets are safe, secure and properly cared for.

Our service has been highly-rated by industry experts, and discerning investors on every continent on the planet (except for Antarctica) have chosen our facility for the safe keeping of their precious metal investments. Our Valuable Assets Storage service is founded on the idea of absolute confidentiality, so that no one will know what you have stored with us.

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Ultra-Secure Storage Facility

CUBE's purpose-built facility is designed to keep your assets safe from unauthorized access, theft, and natural disasters. Built of concrete and steel and situated on a foundation of igneous rock 22km deep, the facility is designed to be unaffected by natural disasters ranging from hurricanes to a 9.5 magnitude earthquake.

Advanced security systems and protocols protect your precious items from theft. Hundreds of sensors are monitored 24/7 to continually verify the security of the facility. Movement within the facility is controlled by biometric readers and proximity cards and monitored by an extensive video monitoring system. On-site generators ensure that the facility can function at full capacity during power outages and that our security systems are never compromised.

Completely Segregated Storage

Your items are stored separately from other items in our facility. The items that you place in storage are the same items that will be returned to you. Items are never pooled or consolidated. Each client item is barcoded and security strapped.

Fast, Reliable World-Wide Shipping

CUBE understands the importance of having rapid access to your assets and will fast-track the movement of your assets to and from our facility securely and quickly. We are experts at moving items across international borders expeditiously and without hassle.

No Duties on high purity metals makes it easy to move your appreciating assets in and out of Canada. We will help you with completing the paper work for a super smooth move. We can ship your items to and from you or a dealer of your choice.

We ready our client’s assets for shipping the same day you ask for them to be shipped If you are concerned about moving the items across international borders we can also facilitate gold/silver purchasing and selling in Canada.

Simple, Consistent Storage Rates

CUBE offers a simple, non-variable rate for bullion storage based on weight. Your monthly fees remain constant and do not fluctuate with the changing value of the stored assets.

Expert Bonded Staff

From our dedicated, knowledgeable account managers to the precious metal specialists in our vault all CUBE staff receive extensive training in valuable assets security and handling and undergo thorough background checks.

Private Viewing Rooms

CUBE offers clients the ability to visit our facility and inspect their items in the privacy of our secure viewing areas.

Great Location

Even though we are on an Island, we are extremely easy to get to if you want to pick up or deposit your gold personally. Located on Canada’s beautiful West Coast, Vancouver Island is easy to reach by air, land, and sea with the Victoria International Airport nearby. On top of that, there are daily float plane and helicopter trips from downtown Seattle and Vancouver. Four different ferries routes connect the Island to mainland British Columbia and the United States allowing you to visit on foot or by car.

Investors are generally looking to store their precious metal holdings in a safe country with reliable rule-of-law government, with no corruption. Canada is always in the top ten of every list relating to these qualities.

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